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About us

Welcome to the Renatuswellnessabout.co blog. Friends, through this blog we help those who are interested in Renatus wellness company and MLM.
For these people, we publish posts related to Renatus wellness and Renatus nova on this blog.

Renatus Wellness About website logo
Renatus Wellness About website logo

The objective of this website is to share information related to multi level marketing and make people aware of the right information about MLM.

The purpose of creating a blog

Our main objective of creating this blog is to inform Renatus Wellness through the website.

At the same time, we also explain what MLM is and how to make money from MLM. We share all other important facts related to this in English and Hindi so that people can be helped to understand in this subject.

Through this website, we motivate people for MLM so that the excitement of doing this business can be generated in people.

About me

Owner and Founder of the website Renatuswellnessabout.co
Owner and founder of the website Renatuswellnessabout.motivatingtorch.online

Friends, my name is Girja Shankar Prajapati. I am the owner and founder of this website. I am a resident of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh in India. MLM and networking are my passion. Let me tell you that I have been associated with around 20 years in MLM industry and during this time I learned a lot in this field which I share through this blog.

If you want to contact me, you can do so by filling in the contact us form. Through this, anyone can take advice and give.

Contact us : Renatuswellness@motivatingtorch.online

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